Dry Cleaning At Home


dry-cleaning-at-home Dry cleaning over the years has become something more and more expensive. There was a time when winter came along you would take out all your woollies and dump them with the drycleaners so that they came back to you all ready for use. Those days are now long lost and gone for most people and people are learning that you can do the same at home. Well the first thing you ought to know (just in case you do not) is that dry cleaning is not in fact a way of cleaning some thing without using a solution/solvent. The dry cleaning is in fact a way of cleaning using a solvent to clean any thing you sent to the dry cleaners.

So here are the fundamentals that you need to know how to go about cleaning things at home and not having to send stuff to the dry cleaners. Well the first principal is to check the washing instructions on the garment that need cleaning. You need to wash and rinse garments in the correct temperature that is mentioned on the tag. Most people tend to over look this which then spoils the garment.

Based on the temperature if the water is too cold you will find the fibres of the garments will stiffen and vice-versa when the water is over the required temperature that fibres will go all soft and fluffy. So do make sure you check out the instructions with regards to what the required water temperature should be.

Most people can not imagine having to wash men’s suit, it just seems so absurd. But that is completely untrue. It may surprise you to learn that as a general rule man’s suits are made from a better fibre than most women’s clothes and so washes very well. Again check out its washing instructions and follow it to the last detail. That’s all there is to it. Normally suits are washed at blood heat temperature water.

Make sure you use a detergent appropriate to the fibre. Woollen suits will have detergents designed for just them. So go out there and locate it on the shelves of the supermarket.  They need to be rinsed in water of the same temperature as you washed it in. a suit is best dried in the shade away from direct sunlight. Also it needs to be laid flat on a surface and not hung up please note.

Blood stains need to be removed immediately to get them out of the fabric so wash them at once. For silk shirts and other formal wear use a half cup of shampoo which does not have fruit oils. Let them drip dry before you iron them out. Your clothes will be as good if not better than the dry cleaners will do for you.