Dressing For Casual Friday


dressing-for-casual Friday dressing has been in vogue for a long time now. Most offices think it is a good way to get people to feel relaxed. This possibly is all about the spirit. Keep it light and happy. I wonder if that makes one work harder, for sure that is what is believed. Each company has its own rules about Friday wear but what’s important for you to remember is to keep it elegant no mater what. Most accept jeans now day. Once it was only the art galleries and the advertising agencies which permitted you to do so. Now how ever its common practices in most offices.

If it is going to be jeans that you will prefer make sure, you know what to pick and wear. Darker colors are at the end of the day a lot more formal than the over washed fade kind. Peter Morris the MD at Marque who is their Marketing Consultant says that to achieve that dressed up look get your self a great pair of Armani slip-ons. His favorite are black patent leather ones. Add to this a nice crisp shirt, could be either black or white. A belt is a must even if it’s casual Friday
Some people like to wear with their jeans a long sleeve shirt. This gives a really great formal touch to the out fit. You could on the other hand try a V-neck T-shirt in black. It seems to go down well with most on lookers. With your V-neck, black T-shirt go for a pair of boots or on the other hand maybe a pair of sneakers like Tiger Mexicos. In all this, don’t forget the waist line. Get your self a great belt in black or even dark brown. Don’t sting on it; get your self a good one. By the way wearing your mobile on the belt is very much out of fashion so please do not load your self with that.

Friday dressing may be casual but remember it is a working day and you will be conduction business as usual. So do be careful and not just throw caution to the wind by being over casual. Keep the style quotient up for sure but check the limits always.