Does She Like You?

She Likes You

If you have been friends with a girl but are wondering what she thinks about you and searching for any signs that reveal her feelings for you but cannot, you’ve headed to the right place.

Mind you guys, it is not that easy to decipher a girl’s feelings. In other words it is hard to know whether a girl has taken a liking for you or she is just flirting with you for fun. However, by observing certain subtle behavioral traits about girls you can unravel this mystery that might be giving you sleepless nights. Here they are:

If she bumps into you more often than usual, it can be really good news. She’s probably trying to catch your attention. So if you like her boy, she is giving you signals.

Notice how she reacts when you strike a conversation with her. If she touches her hair very often or creases her dress a lot, she wants to look good before you. If she giggles a lot even on your bad jokes, she is trying to grab your eyeballs by silently appreciating you. However, do not crack lots of bad jokes to test her liking.

Moreover, if she tries to make a lot of eye contact or is unable to make eye contact with you, she has probably developed a liking for you. In the former case, she wants to make you fall in love with her and in the latter; she is unable to face you because she is shy of you. Remember, some girls talk by making direct eye to eye contact. So, take care to keep misunderstandings at bay. If the eye contact is really such that it displays a willingness to hold your gaze and there is smile on her face when she talks to you, she likes you.

If your girl is flirting with you, it is difficult to know whether she likes you or not. Girls like to flirt whom they consider as their friends. So, do not misunderstand her flirting as a love signal. If she tries to make some physical contact with you by touching you very often during jokes or otherwise, it means she likes you.

neha madan