Does Diet Play a Role in Natural Penis Enlargement?

Natural Penis Enlargement

Contrary to common belief, there is really no correlation on the food consumed to the size of the penis. There is not one particular food type that when consumed will enlarge the penis. There are many types of herbs which we can consider taking to enhance the penis size such as the Chinese herbs – dong quai and ginseng, Mexican herb – damiana, Chinese/Japanese gingko, fennel or saw palmetto. However, these herbs are rarely consumed in our daily diet.

On the other hand, it is more convenient to purchase the easily available supplement pills to enlarge your penis as there is a wide selection for your consideration. These pills contain the required herbs active in restoring your good health as well as enlarging your penis as desired. These pills should be consumed with a well-balanced diet.

Food alone does not enlarge your penis. However, there are some pointers that you can bear in mind should you really want to enlarge your penis.

Cut the Fats
Fats are bad for your body. They clog up your arteries and vessels to hinder blood circulation which lowers the blood supply to the penis. It is this mechanism of blood filling your penis to bring you an enlarged penis which the deposition of fats in your arteries and vessels is preventing and damaging your penis capacity to erect.

Decrease the Carbohydrates
Carbohydrates have a profound effect on your body’s metabolism. You can’t do without it but you can take less of it. Excess carbohydrates in the diet bring about diabetes as carbohydrates contain sugar. It is difficult to increase penis size if you are diabetic.

Increase Proteins
Proteins are one of the food groups which help in the building and repair of body tissues, and thus, should be included in your diet. But protein alone does not affect your penis size. Even though food alone does not increase your penis size, you should still be conscientious about your diet to have a healthy body before it can work to your benefit.

Therefore, eat well on a good diet, supplementing with natural herbs pills for penis enlargement to obtain the best results.