Different Types Of Ancient Greek Wine

Different Types Of Ancient Greek Wine

Different Types Of Ancient Greek Wine Greeks love eating and celebrating life in general. Greek culture is highly rich and they love to eat, feed, dance, and prance around, drink and love. When it is about celebrating life, wine is an important part as it is a festive drink. Greeks are very fond of Wines as it is in their culture for the last 4,000 years.

The Ancient Greek wines are really popular and the Greeks associate wines with logical or incorporeal dogmas about the universe. Ancient Greek wines are said to be the most delicious and sources say that Greeks added spices and honey to their wines which made it different from other wines. The Ancient Greeks also mixed wine with fresh sea water. Ancient Greek wines are enjoyed even today and that too all over the world.

Back in those days, even children drank wine as it was considered safer than water according to Ancient Greeks. However, they did not believe in getting drunk as they used to mix their wine with water and sea water. Even the glasses people used to drink wine in had sayings about drunken people who did not mix their wine with water. But the popularity of wines was such that Greek people could not think of completing their meal without a glass of wine.

Ancient Greek wines are different and taste great. And the popularity can be seen as lots of winemakers have used secret recipes of wines from Greeks. Let us explore the different types of Ancient Greek Wines which are known even today.

Types Of Ancient Greek Wine


The name Denthis rings a bell in our mind and reminds us of Alkman’s poem in which he referred to the delicious wine called Denthis. Alkman, a Greek Poet praises of the popular Ancient wine called Denthis in his poem and referred to it as ‘anthosmias’ which literally means ‘smell of flowers’.

In those times, Greeks would sing praises of wines that they liked or deleteriously review the wines they did not enjoy so much. Denthis which is a wine from the Western Foothills became really prominent after Alkman’s poem. Alkman referred to Denthis and other greek wines as ‘unfired wines’ which literally means that the wines were not boiled.


Retsina, a wine which was made way back in Ancient Greece is served even today. It is one of the most popular and common Greek wines which is served popularly all over the world. Ancient Retsina was usually stored in clay or ceramic jugs as the insides of the jug were sealed with resin which came from pine trees. Since it was sealed with resin, the flavor of the same became really popular. And even today, present winemakers add this secret ingredient to the wines.

ancient greek wine

The flavor of the resin which is added to rose or white wines is very overpowering and differs in quality. If the Retsina is of poor quality, it can also taste as bad as turpentine. And so, you should always be careful of the taste and quality of the wine. Authentic Retsina tastes really delightful when paired up with right food.

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Aromatic Wines

Athiri grape which is named after the area where it is grown is one of the finest and oldest assortments of exotic Greek grapes. Thira or Santorini is an island which produces wines that have an aromatic touch even today. There is a modest vinous content and very low acidity which makes it popular all over the world.

Malagousia which is a white grape was cultivated in Nafpaktos in Ancient Greece. Gerovassiliou who is a winemaker had suddenly become interested in the ancient variety of grape as it produces a sweet smelling and aromatic wine which has modest tartness. The aroma of Malagousia wines consists of exotic fruits, mint and jasmine which make it a really special and outlandish wine. Also, it is considered as the highest quality wine.

White Wine

You will find a lot of variety when it comes to white Greek wines. Some popularly known white wines are Moschofilero which is a flowery and spicy wine. The Assyrtikos is a sweet wine Greeks personally enjoy. Savatiano has a peach and grassy flavor which tastes fantastic with Greek food. And since there is a lot of variety, there are endless white wines from Greece.

Ancient Greek wine has been popular ever since. Even today, it is considered as one of the finest in the wine industry. Classy, aromatic and delicious – Ancient Greek wines have it all to be called the ‘perfect’ wine for all.

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