DHT–The Reason For Your Hair Loss


There we go again mentioning something no one even knew existed. The scientists of today seem to have developed as bad habit coming up with explanations about diseases every now and then but there seems to be some truth in the matter at hand. So what is DHT any way?

DHT stands fro “DihydroTestosterone”. This is a very potent by product of the male hormone Testosterone and is a main cause of hair loss in men. There is an enzyme produced in the human scalp near the hair follicles, this enzyme is called 5 alpha reductase. This has an annoying habit of binding with the Testosterone forming the hormone we have identified as DHT. When DHT comes in contact with the hair follicles it strangles the follicle starving it of nutrients and eventually killing it – this leads to hair loss.

Most women have evidently been excused by nature from the formidable effects of DHT but men – men are another story. Most men have follicles around the crown and front of the scalp that simply will not react in a friendly manner with DHT – this leads to hair loss in as early an age as their 20’s. There is one remedy for such men and that is to prevent the formation of the DHT hormone by preventing the secretion of the enzyme 5 alpha. This is achieved by using DHT blockers.

Many DHT blockers can be bought over the counter. The local chemist will give you a list of the entire natural; yes I said natural, DHT blockers. These natural DHT blockers seemingly have little or no side effects. Even if they do many men will prefer putting up with them instead of baldness I believe. That is why DHT blockers are selling faster than hot cakes straight out of the oven.