Developing a big chest with dumbbells


buildchestdumbbellpress The best method to acheive a big chest is to do bench pressing. Nevertheless, rather than doing it using a barbell, you can achieve better results by replacing barbells with dumbbells.

In this way, normally you are using more muscle in achieving balance and stability for achieving high weights. Therefore, amidst multiple exercises varying with speed, form, and weights the one mentioned below has more potentiality to give you a bigger chest.

To achieve this exercise, use more than one set of dumbbells, as you have to change from one weight range to the next. You should start from the lowest weight, which you can bear and that will range in between 15 to 20 reps.

You have to press up for one second then in the next second you have to lower the dumbbell. In between reps, you have no rest. When you can do above twenty reps, assume the weight is not that much. With this method, you can easily find the exact weight for your use after doing several sessions.

By next the set, increase the weight by five pounds and exercise achieving maximum repetition. When you feel tired, you can assume that the heaviness is too much.

Exercising with the ideal weight and form is necessary to avoid reckless injuries. By the third session, re-add five pounds and exercise repetitively to the extreme. In this way, increase the weights till you are unable to do above five repetitions.

Maximum rounds will be five to eight sessions and from the last, reverse by reducing weights and exercise as much as repetitions. The reduction varies your rate of repetition from one to the next session. You should be doing primarily five and reverse to your starting point.

This exercise can be done using decline, incline, or a flat bench. Changeable dumbbells are more suited as you have to change the weights. Keep in mind, that you have to be in good condition in every session rather than doing next repetition knowing it is out of your control.

Doing so can cause you an injury restricting you from entering the gymnasium for a month. Don’t let an out of form repetition put you in such a worse situation.