Destination Attractions: Things To Do In Alaska


Alaska which is known as the 49th state has a lot to offer the visitors and the residents as well. The trip has to be carefully planned before hand, because unlike other states one may not be able to travel from coast to coast within some hours, due to its sheer size.

One may plan their trip depending on their interests and then visit those particular areas. For example if you are a nature lover, then Denali national park and preserve would be the place for you. This park is the home to majestic mount McKinley that offers beautiful sceneries and landscape.

Visitors who come to Alaska during early fall leading into spring, get to see aurora boelis, which are the Alaskan northern lights. An active volcano, the Katamai national park and preserve would be the place to visit. Other national parks are also available for you to enjoy.

Alaska offers a variety of wildlife to be seen, including wild bison, caribou and moose. One will also get the chance to see wildlife that is only unique to this area and is never found anywhere else on the earth.

Alaska consists of countless lakes and rivers, making a good and popular fishing destination, especially for salmon fishing. They have also made it convenient to get a fishing license, as they are sold all over, and permits can even be bought over the internet. People who enjoy fishing consider this a paradise, due to the sheer number of lakes and beautiful shorelines.

A visit to the native Alaskan people would be a good way to learn more about Alaska. You get to experience the different cultures at the same time while rafting on the Yukon River or gold searching. As you go about different activities, it is important to respect the natives with their cultures and also maintain environment.

An activity known to be most popular with the tourists is the ocean cruise, which can either be for a single say or for a number of days, depending on your preference. These cruises normally head to places such as Prince William Sound, Glacier Bay, and Kenai fjords. On the cruises you get to see a lot of beautiful scenery and marine wildlife. If you are cruise lover, plan your vacations to match the cruises and book on time, since they are not available all year round.