Dating with Herpes


Herpes is a sexually transmitted disease to which men are five times more prone than women. It is transmitted through the genital route and the oral route. Less often, it is also transmitted through skin when open wounds comes in contact. Even though there are promising treatments available for this dreadful disease, there is no cure.

The disease has so many severe effects including sores, wounds, etc., and it also makes the diseased individual struggle to live a normal life. Due to all these reasons, they also suffer from severe emotional disturbances. Even though the disease does not have a cure, men with this disease can still have a good life, if they learn to deal with it in a responsible manner.

The difficulties with dating
All men love dating. What about those who suffer from Herpes? Obviously they also do, but the disease will be a very big obstacle and thus they have to struggle a lot for a successful dating experience. They have more responsibilities than the normal men. Keeping the disease a secret from your date will not help.

The fact is that there will be almost no women or men who would like to date a person with Herpes. We can’t really blame them. Using a temporary precautionary measure will only put your partner at risk. But all this doesn’t mean that such men should be denied love and happiness. You can still live happily with someone who really loves you, and accepts you and your disease.

Knowing the disease and its symptoms will help us in getting better and earlier treatment. The symptoms include painful itching in the genital area, headache, fever, backache, swollen glands, painful ejaculation and urination, etc. Treatment is only the secondary measure; wise men always know prevention is better than cure.

Prevention, the best treatment
Since Herpes can be prevented from spreading, we ought to know the ways to do so. For infected men, abstinence is obviously the best way to prevent it from spreading but it cannot be done in all cases. Practicing safe sex can help reduce the risk. Making sure your partner is tested negative for all type of STD’s is also a precautionary measure.

But once you have been found to be Herpes positive, you should opt for the best medication. Suppressive medication can be used in earlier stages and antiviral drugs are given to overcome painful outbreaks.