Dating Tips for Women

Dating tips for women

Although there are never any fixed rules to behave; but courtship is a ritual that is supposed to be followed in some organized way. Otherwise, you can end up cribbing and sniveling out of failure. However, there are different rules for both men and women considering the difference between the two genders in terms of nature and responses. Some the most successful dating tips for women are:

Always be well dressed for a date. Slip into your sexy short black dress and high heels, and put on your lovely lipstick to titillate all his fantasies. Put on your best foot forward for a special date; after all guys always fall for pretty-looking, well-dressed girls. Maintain your figure by exercising regularly or you can also join your nearby gym. You might have to tire yourself out like hell but ladies, men always love your shapely sexy bodies no matter how witty you are. Even if these preparations do not get you a date, they will certainly hike your confidence a hundredfold.

Never reach on a date before the set time nor reach too late. The former behavior can make you look desperate and the latter extremely insensitive. Reach 5 to 10 minutes late to let him wait for you a little. Do not let him know the intricate details about anything. Till the time you are enigmatic and mysterious, your man’s curiosity in you will never die. Otherwise he will get bored of your expected and predictable reactions.

It is not always necessary to answer him every time he calls or reply his message instantly. Let him wait for you honey. Allow him to chase you because you love being chased and men are born to do it. Do not let him feel that you are too available or else he will start taking you lightly. Do not be ever ready for a date. Plan out a date according to your availability not his.

Do not bed with your guy early in a relationship. Let him fall for you head over heels and it really takes lots of time girls. An early sexual intercourse can bring a sudden drop in his ascending interest in you and ruin all your efforts.

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