Dating An Old Fashioned Woman

Dating An Old Fashioned Woman

Dating An Old Fashioned Woman We might have reached an age where women claim to be no less than men and expect to be treated equally on all platforms of life. But when it comes to dating, many women turn traditional or old-fashioned. A woman’s views about other aspects of life may be up-to-date but she might have old-fashioned thinking regarding dating.

So, if you are dating a woman who harbors the old school of thought specifically regarding dating then you need to keep yourself informed about the do’s and don’ts of old fashioned dating. So here’s what you need to follow when dating an old fashioned woman.

Advice For Dating An Old Fashioned Woman

Approach and Plan for the Date

Do not expect your old fashioned lady to ask you out or suggest you to take her out for a date. It is you who has to initiate it and approach her for a date – always. Not only approaching, it is you who has to shoulder the responsibility of planning the date.

An old fashioned woman would expect and appreciate if you plan out the day even prior to asking her out. What you must not do is ask her to decide what to do or where to go when out on a date with her. That is going to ruin all of your chances with her.

Dress Smartly and Soberly

You must give sufficient importance to what you wear and how you look while going out on a date with an old fashioned woman. A woman who holds old fashioned views about dating would not like you to turn out for a date in your torn jeans and unshaven face.

old fashioned woman Dating

You need to dress in a clean, sober outfit and look neat and clean. Clean shaven is mostly liked by women of all kinds. Also, do use a good deodorant or perfume.

Pick Her up From Her Door

One might wonder as to why we are mentioning this simple thing separately and bringing your attention on this point. That is because this simple point holds grave importance in dating life of a woman with old fashioned views about dating. Basically, any woman would love to get some extra attention and pampering from her date.

But for an old fashioned woman this is more important than just a little more attention. So, while a modern minded woman will join you for a date at a scheduled place, an old fashioned woman would love your gesture if you pick her up from her door at the scheduled time for the date. She might even decline going out with you if you ask her to reach at the scheduled place all by herself.

Be a Gentleman

When we ask you to be a gentleman we are only asking you to be chivalrous. So, you need to brush on all your good mannerisms before you start dating an old fashioned woman. You should open the door for her, pull the chair for her to sit, etc. You should guide her through the crowd by slightly touching her elbow or waistline, walk on the outer side of the road while she walks on the inner side of the road distanced from traffic, offer your hand or arm whenever suitable and she would love all of that.

Greet her with flowers, chocolates or some other gift. Pass your jacket when she feels cold or if it’s raining and she would enlist you immediately in her good books. To sum it up, act like a man with her and make her feel like a lady who is precious, wanted and cared for.

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Bear the Expenses of the Date

She would take it as a rude gesture or ill mannerism if you expect or wait for her to pay the bills. Even sharing bills is not fine in this case. You need to take complete responsibility of the expenses for the date and pay all the bills yourself.

Bear the Expenses of the Date

Women however independent and modern they might be, prefer or secretly like the man paying the bills while on a date and this stands accurately correct and true for an old fashioned woman.

Follow up on Your Lady

Yes, she would love to see you interested in her after the date and following up on her for further or future dates. Every woman loves to be followed up and be courted by the man she dated and liked. You must pursue her and make her feel wanted. She must feel that you are making efforts and trying to win her over.

Respect her Old-Fashioned Thoughts

If you are dating a girl or woman who has old fashioned line of thinking, then you have to accept certain unsaid rules and thoughts of hers and respect them too. If she is old fashioned and dating you, then she is not there to have a casual fling with you or have a one night stand.

Intimacy is not a casual thing for such women and they would like to keep it on the shelf till they get married. So, you must be ready to honor her sentiments and not expect physical intimacy with her during the dating phase or anytime before marriage.

Basically, a woman with an old fashioned mentality or thoughts (especially about dating) follows almost the same rules or has similar thought process when it comes to choosing a date or a partner. It’s only that she is a little more traditional in a few areas and keeps her guards on about certain matters that have been explained above.

Every woman loves to know and feel that she is special and wanted, every woman likes to date a man who is chivalrous and treats her like a lady (or a princess), every woman likes to be respected by the man she is dating and all these rules are applicable for an old fashioned woman too. So, to date an old fashioned woman and win her over you need to be at your best while keeping in mind what she may not be comfortable with and what might turn her off completely.