Cuff Links For A Formal Look


cufflinks Unless you are a man who regularly wears dress suits and dress shirts you possibly would not know what a cuff link is. Possibly you may not need one for that matter of fact.

Well for those who do don formal wear and you are not into cuff links then this is a must read for you. Cuff links are the best piece of jewellery a man can have to put a twinkle at the end a sleeve of his classic French cuff shirts.

This simple piece of jewellery adds to your style content. Not only do they add to your style but they add to your over all sense of elegance and class. Few pieces of men jewellery provide men the expression of gentlemanly coupled with the necessary formal expression.

Cuff links also reflects a man’s sense of individual style. This comes about as each man will have with time his own idea of what he likes.

This then becomes his style statement. Very much, like some women who wear broaches telling us of what they think or feel. A famous case in mention is the Secretary of State Madeleine Albright.

Cuff links come in many shapes as well as different materials. You can have very fancy ones in gold and platinum. These of course are the top of the line range and so if you have the currency to own such things get your self a pair that can be timeless.

In any case, those who are into wearing cuff links normally will have a small shelf in their dressers for such valuables.

This then of course gives you the privilege to pick and choose depending on your mood and the style you may wish to project on a particular day.
You also have cuff links that are made from precious stones like sapphires, emeralds, and rubies.

It has been a custom to wear such precious stones cuff links in the evenings when attending any formal function. The classiest of all is the double faces cuff link. Two identical faces are joined by a metal link. Then you have the Chain Link.

This is a double faced cuff link joined by a chain. Then there is the Snap On cuff link where the two pieces are snapped on together. The last is referred to as the push through. This is a single faced cuff link which is pushed trough the cuff and held by a rotating pin.