Cleaning Canvas Shoes


cleaning-canvas-shoes If you need to clean a pair of canvas shoes, it would be best if you knew a little about how they are put together. Canvas itself is made from what is called ‘hemp’. It is a popular material for canvas shoes and sneakers. Soles of these shoes are normally rubber and as such are considered low cost maintenance shoes.

When they need cleaning which depends who is using them, as children will of course get them into a mess in a day it self, you will need the following. An old tooth brush is a good brush for cleaning canvas shoes. Along with that you need a mild detergent (strong ones will eat into the adhesives that bind the sole to the upper canvas), a small scrub pad would be good to have around, some baking powder , white cream shoe polish for white canvas shoes and a piece of plain paper.

If you have a pair of sneakers that are still muddy and wet, let them dry out first before you start the cleaning process. First knock off all the dry dirt and dust on the shoes, by smacking the shoes together or you could bang them on the side of the payment. Try to get off all the dirt you can with this method first. You could try to use the toothbrush to get to the stubborn places of dirt like the sloes. You could now take the laces off as well. Once this is done wipe the shoe down with a wet cloth to get any other remaining dirt off.

Take the shoes, place them in water, and add to it the mild detergent. Let them soak for at least 10 minutes allowing the detergent to work itself into the hidden dirt. Next, get your tooth brush out and gently rub the surface of the shoes down. You need not be too hard as it will only destroy the fibers.

Once you have sufficiently scrubbed down the shoes give them a good rinse and free them from all the detergent. Place them on the paper to dry.

In case you find that you still have some spots left on the shoe that have not cleaned completely use your scrubber and some more detergent. Try to break down the dirt. For extra cleaning of the inside of the shoes, you may like to use the baking soda which will remove odors if any. Remember it is not advised to wash shoes in the washing machine as it breaks down the adhesives of the shoe.