Claudia Black Hot Or Not?


Claudia Black was born on 11October, 1972, in Sydney, Australia. She lived most part of her childhood in abroad. She spends her life in New Zealand, London and some parts of England. Because of the film mini-series “Farscape: The Peacekeeper Wars”, Black postponed her honeymoon in 2004.

Claudia has participated in various television series and movies. She is a stage actress that has starred in many roles on stage. In 1997, Black appears as Cassandra in “Hercules: The legendary Journeys”. She was also the part of the sequel of this series. She was also a part of the Belvoir Street Theatre, a renowned Australian acting troupe. She was the part of a hermaphrodite named Jill Mayhew in the Australian television series “Good Guys Bad Guys” in 1998. She got the Constellation Award, best female performance in 2006 for science fiction television episodes which was” Stargate SG-1: Memento Mori”.