Chest Training Tricks


chesttranning Nowadays people are more interested or rather, very focused on working with the barbell bench press. Even though this is considered as the standard method for the Americans to obtain strength, the same cannot be recommended for the obtaining of big pecs.

The main problem posed by the bench press is that use will by putting more stress on the triceps and shoulders and little or nothing on your chest especially when you are raising weights.

So, the primary process in your chest training exercise is to quit bench press as the mode of training your upper part of the body.

Dumbbells probably are the first and the foremost thing to be added to your workout regimen when it comes to chest training. Mainly because dumbbells allow you to stretch more and your motion provides you a wide space, which enables less tension and stress to be put on the pecs thus enhancing its growth.

You can find many fans of movement of chest press using dumbbells just because the result is shown on their pecs and not their triceps or shoulders.

Flyes are the next most important thing after dumbbells when it comes to your workout list. Even though flyes are not the ones dealing with heavy weights, they are more effective on your chest when compared to other movements.

The reason for them to work this way is that the line along which the pull takes place (on the usage of flyes) is almost the same way our pecs align and move.

Cable flyes should also be added as they maintain constant tension when it comes to the chest issue. More the tension we can put on the chest, the more growth we can obtain.

Finally, the last and the important addition to our chest training workout regimen are dips. Did you know that dips contribute to the building up our triceps? Yes, indeed.

But they can also be converted into a chest movement if our pecs can drop forward. So, on leaning our body in the forward position while performing a workout, then it becomes possible for the deep lower one of the pecs to stretch and it feels like a rapid growth has taken place all of a sudden.

So, if the chest-training program of yours has struck a smooth wall, then please have a second look at the training program of yours to yield better results.