Chemical Free Way For Boosting Moods


If we are to believe an in-depth study conducted by the American Centre For Disease Control and Prevention, the reason why many people, including an alarmingly large number of men, are resorting to popping pills for treating depression as opposed to medication taken for common lifestyle diseases, like hypertension, asthma or cholesterol fluctuation is because they are feeling a strong case of the blues.

So, when there are proven chemical free ways for boosting moods and driving the blues away, why not try some of these to brighten up your day instead of the risks associated with taking anti-depressants?

Among the best chemical-free ways for boosting moods are easy DIY strategies for increasing your body’s inherent feel-good resources, which will help you sport a sunny smile longer and naturally as compared to any old pill you can pop to brighten up. So, read through – you have nothing to lose, except a bad case of blues, anyway!!

Get a load of omega-3 fatty acids abundantly available in all seafood to boost your moods without using chemicals! Both EPA and DHA (types of omega-3) are available in high quantities in seafood, which raise the levels of serotonin and dopamine brain chemicals necessary for restoring and uplifting human moods.

These are the same brain chemicals that are also raised via prescription medicines i.e. antidepressants, but minus the side effects of addictive behaviour or erectile dysfunction and related problems. Coldwater fish like mackerel and salmon consumed 2-3 times week is sure to show positive effects for mood-boosting in men within 3-4 months!

You can also catch up on more snoozes as doctors reveal that sleep-deprivation is another cause for feeling depressed and moody. Finally, the easiest way to brighten your mood is to let the sunshine in as vitamin D naturally available helps combat lethargy, fight the melancholy and give you a natural high!

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