Characteristics of Muscular Men


musclesbuilding Do you envy that man in your gym? You know who I’m referring to.  The one working beside you in the gym that can lift weights effortlessly and always has a more muscular body than you.

You can have the same kind of body provided you are willing to make some modifications to your daily life. These modifications are often employed by muscular men.
Practicing just a few of these tips will take you closer to your goal.

1- Muscular men don’t skip meals.

To build and maintain muscle mass, nothing matters more than your total intake of calories and carbs. Many find it easy to build muscle mass but very few are able to keep it on.

To maintain an appropriate body weight you need to increase your food intake.  You can’t just eat three meals a day.

Muscle building calls for a definite diet plan.  You need to know when your next meal is going to be and what it will be comprised of. Meals should be planned out beforehand so that you can calculate your calorie intake for the day. Without proper diet it is impossible to develop or maintain muscle.

So the first change that you need to bring about in your everyday life is to plan out and increase your food intake.

Your diet must include a balanced proportion of carbohydrates and proteins along with an amount of healthy fat.  A low carbohydrate diet makes it difficult for the body to maintain a large volume of muscle glycogen.

It’s a good idea to formulate a diet plan that has more carbohydrates (30% to 40% of total calories), together with enough protein to meet your body’s needs and a dose of healthy fats.

2. Muscular men spend less time in the gym.

A lot of people believe that the more time that is spent in the gym the more muscles will be built up. Unfortunately, the reverse is true. Muscle is built away from the gym. You have to plan your workouts to include enough time for rest periods.  This second change should not be difficult to adopt.