Causes Of Type 2 Diabetes


diabetesdangers A type 2 diabetic is some thing that you are likely to have later in life then earlier. It is said that people over 40 are could develop it. This is because the blood sugar levels gradual rise over a long period of years before it can be of any significant danger. So when it hits someone over the age of 40 it is usually seen as type 2 diabetics.

Impaired glucose tolerance along with impaired fasting glucose is the two conditions that are preceded by type 2 diabetics. Because of this, they are labeled as pre-diabetics. In simple words, this really means that though your blood sugar levels were higher than normal they were not clinically labeled as diabetics.

In the US, it is believed that there are roughly over 20 million adults who have pre-diabetes. This is a matter of concern as it is understood that these therefore will turn out in the longer run to be type 2 diabetics. Most people who have type 2 diabetics are usually over weight and are likely to have high blood pressure. This would mean that they have an abnormal lipid level which puts them in a category of high risk cardiovascular diseases.

There could be a genetic basis for all of this also as per some studies. So the type 2 diabetes underlying root which is insulin resistance and defective insulin secretion may not just be because you have not taken adequate precautions. How ever most cases show that the environment is the major contributor. It may surprise you to learn that before the 20th century the disease was unheard off.

This was possibly due to our modern way of lives which has made us more sedentary than previously. Before men and women in the days long gone by were good all farming people who toiled almost day and night to make. This life style never gave them any real chance to lard up their barrels of fat. Today on the contrary we have a nation of obese people, who are struggling with all the complications that come from being fat.

So if you want a best chance to have nothing to do with some like diabetics it would be best if you kept a good tight check on your weight. Regular exercise is well advised for all, as no matter how little we eat, today’s food is designed largely for our pallets rather than for our core health.

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