Causes of Problems With Your Erection

Causes Erection Problems

You probably remember that as a teenager having erections was a common thing. It happened when you thought about something or without any specific reason. In fact, you probably have a lot of awkward embarrassing stories to tell about it, like being in a public place and you just happened to have a boner without any apparent reason for it.

Time, though, often changes some aspects of our lives, and this is one of those aspects, sadly. It was never a problem to put a condom on in your twenties, your penis could become hard as steel if you were stimulated enough, but at 40, it is another story. Your penis can still be hard, sure, but it will never be like it was 20 something years earlier. Because nerves can deteriorate; a man loses the hardness of his penis over time.

It now takes more than a simple fantasy for your penis to get hard. The testosterone level declines as well and it needs even more help. Let us not talk about when you will be in your fifties, when putting a condom on will cause you to lose your erection. Luckily there are some things in your life that you can improve to make this problem not so serious, just read on and see how you can achieve this.

Stress could be killing you. It is just everywhere and it can have a huge impact on your sex life – the daily work, your family, your girlfriend, having a new baby and so on. All this factors can cause a huge amount of stress and influence your sex life in a bad way. If you are too stressed, a chemical reaction occurs in your body and your hormone releases are slower. This has a big impact on the testosterone. It can even slow down the blood flow, so be careful and try to relax when feeling too stressed.

The bad thing is that life without stress does not exist, be it sexual or sleeping stress. If you are feeling that too much is taking place, it is time to visit a doctor.  There are a large number of people who visit doctors for stress control.