Causes Of Muscle Tendon Pain

Muscle Tendon Pain

Muscle Tendon Pain When a muscle gets pulled, strained or even torn, it gets damaged and also affects the surrounding tendons. Tendons are the link between bones and muscles and when muscle contracts, the tendons which are lying over the joints help the bones to move.

If a person faces strain again and again and gets injured due to overuse of muscles, then a muscle tendon pain may develop in the body. It may also take place if an individual faces a traumatic injury or has specific medical problems which give rise to the pain. Muscle and tendon problems can cause severe pain and feeling of discomfort to a person and the problem may aggravate if not treated on time.

People who have muscle tendon pain are often checked for muscle bulkiness and texture. The examiner sees if the muscle is tender and if there are any twitches or movements which are involuntary in nature.

There are many symptoms which determine that a person is going through muscle tendon pain. Some of them are inflammation, excessive pain, tiredness and weakness, stiffness in the body, noises in the body’s joints and very less range of motion.

There are many causes of muscle tendon pain. It is important to know what causes these kinds of pain so that a person can remain careful and prevent such pains from developing. Some causes are induced by the person himself while some are the result of physiological problems.

Muscle Tendon Pain Causes

Injury and Over Usage

If a person gets injured while working out in the gym, running or doing any activity he may experience muscle tendon pain. It may also be the result of over usage or repetitive use of a muscle in the body and this kind of a pain is capable of involving many muscles at the same time. The repetitive movements affect the joints in our body and give rise to inflammation in that specific muscle.

Bursitis and Tendonitis

If a person moves a body part which is experiencing muscle tendon pain, then the pain increases significantly. The tendons and bursae in those joints are responsible for this pain. Tendons do not possess elasticity and may get pulled when a person moves. When these tendons experience inflammation along with irritation, it is known as tendonitis and this condition gives rise to pain and stiffness in the body.

Bursitis and Tendonitis


If the bursae, which is a small sac preventing friction between muscle and bones, experiences inflammation along with the irritation, the term given to it bursitis. This inflammation is one of the key causes of muscle tendon pain and takes a long time to get cured.


Lupud and fibromyalgia are 2 types of disorders which are capable of affecting our soft tissues and result in extreme pain which is accompanied by weakness and lack of sleep.

A person’s movements gets highly restricted if he faces myopathy which is a kind of disorder involving muscle and tissues, as the body develops pain and becomes inflexible under such conditions. Generally, blood tests are done to find out the exact cause of the problem so that the patient can be cured effectively.

Dupuytren’s Contracture

Another cause of muscle tendon pain is dupuytren’s contracture where the fibrous tissues which are found beneath the palm and fingers start to thicken rapidly. As they get more and more thick, they also become tighter, resulting in our fingers becoming flexed.

Dupuytren’s Contracture


This disease is found more in men as compared to women. Bumps may also develop in the palm area. The ring finger along with the little finger is most likely to get affected because of this disease. However, the cause of this problem is unknown till now.


Another common cause of muscle tendon pain is the formation of cysts on our hand or foot. Cysts develop when the fluids which surround our joints, flow in an abnormal manner. Athletes are most susceptible to such kind of a problem. A painful sensation surrounds our muscles because extra pressure gets exerted on it.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

If our tendons become huge in size and the nerves start getting pinched, then this problem may occur in the person’s wrist and give rise to muscle tendon pain in those tendons which extent up to our fingers and thumb.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome


If a person participates in such activities where he has to do repetitive motions with his fingrs, then he is most likely to develop this syndrome.


Ankylosing spondylitis is a serious inflammatory disease which gives rise to pain in the spine and joints and is capable of causing severe muscle tendon pain. The joints found between the vertebrae get affected in this disease along with pain in other body parts as well.

The places where our tendons and ligaments join with our bones may experience a lot of pain if a person suffers from this disease. He may also feel pain in his shoulders, knee, eyes or hips. If the disease is not treated on time it may lead to the spine becoming rigid and inflexible in nature, give way to tremendous loss in weight which may be accompanied by a feeling of fatigue and restlessness.

Neuromuscular Disorder

Our neuromuscular system becomes weak and starts to degenerate if a disorder named muscular dystrophy affects it severely.

Neuromuscular Disorder

Many types of diseases can be found in this disorder and they cause such damage to the muscle tissue which is completely irreversible. The muscles get wasted extensively and the pain which arises from this disorder may be difficult to eradicate.

Cramps in the Muscles

Cramps in the muscle cannot be controlled by an individual. Cramps are more prone to occur in our calf muscles as compared to the rest of the body. Though they vanish quickly and do not cause severe damage to the muscle, they can be prevented from taking place if a person exercises every day, eats good nutritious food and balances the electrolytes in his body.

These cramps signify that the arteries are becoming narrower in size if they last for more than a minute or two. However, a person may experience muscle tendon pain due to these cramps.

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