Causes Of Male Yeast Infection

Male Yeast Infection

Yeast infection is generally categorized as a feminine disorder and is rarely observed in males. But, this infection can produce worst results in males. The bad news is that mostly the male yeast infection remains undetected in the initial stages unless there are some serious complications.

Male Yeast Infection

Overgrowth of the yeast, Candida Albicans is responsible for both male and female yeast infections. Male yeast infection is mainly manifested in the form of penile yeast infection, which often leads to embarrassing situations. Oral thrush and leaky gut are other common outcomes of male yeast infection.  Yeast infection in men often remains dormant throughout their lives without exhibiting significant symptoms.

Causes of Male Yeast Infection

Certain physical conditions in males create favorable conditions for the yeasts to multiply rapidly producing irritable symptoms of yeast infection. The causes of male yeast infection can be summarized as follows.

Sexual Intercourse

Men often contact penile yeast infection from their sexual partners if they are exposed to unprotected sex.  If your partner carries vaginal yeast infection, then there are fair chances for you to develop this infection. Men also transmit yeast infection to their female partners unknowingly as in most cases this infection remains dormant.

Therefore, both the partners should get treated for yeast infection first. Refrain from vaginal intercourse, unless both of you are cured. Else, the transmission of this infection from one partner to another will continue.

Low Body Immunity

A drastic drop in your body immunity level can create favorable conditions for yeast infection. Nutrient deficiency, excessive stress, low white blood cell count, surgery, HIV/AIDS and cancer can lower your body immunity levels considerably. As a result, your body fails to fight the over growth of Candida, thus promoting yeast infection.

Wrong Eating Habits

Faulty eating habits often contribute to male yeast infection. Reduce the consumption of sugary foods and beer as these can cause yeast infection. Excessive sugar disrupts the normal pH balance of the body as yeast loves to feed on sugar. Avoid processed and refined foods.

Causes of Male Yeast Infection

Too much consumption of fructose sugar through fresh and dried fruits also favors yeast multiplication. Fruits are undoubtedly the best source of nutrients, but it is wise to select fruits like avocado, tomato, strawberry, cantaloupe, kiwi or muskmelon, which have low fructose content.

High Blood Sugar

Males with high blood sugar often suffer from yeast infection. High sugar content in blood and urine promotes rapid yeast multiplication. Prolonged diabetes also lowers the body immunity system, which is another vital cause for yeast infection. Diabetic males should maintain normal blood sugar levels to prevent recurrences of yeast infection.

Using Special Condoms

Usage of condoms is highly recommended to prevent sexually transmitted infections, but you may develop yeast infection in spite of using this contraceptive.  The chemical nonoxynol-9, a spermicidal lubricant applied on the condoms can cause yeast infection in men.

This chemical is applied with the purpose of destroying the sperms in order to prevent unwanted pregnancies. Polyurethane condoms lubricated with water based lubricants can protect you from this botheration.


Antibiotics are often necessary to kill certain bacterial infections, but this can adversely affect your health as well. Overuse of antibiotics ( Clindamycin and Tetracyclin) kills the beneficial bacteria along with the harmful ones upsetting the normal microbial balance of our body.

As a result, yeast multiples rapidly producing different symptoms of yeast infections. If you are susceptible to yeast infections, it is wise to adopt proactive measures to prevent yeast infection while taking antibiotics.

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