Causes of Candidiasis


candida Candida yeast is a common yeast infection which can victimise any one including men, women and children. There is a general perception among men that they can not have any yeast infections but as mentioned, the fact is opposite.

Every one can have yeast infection during any age of life time. This kind of yeast problem is a part of the exposed and moist part of the body. One can have this yeast infection even with good health conditions.

Candida yeast is normally present in our body and it does not hurt till it remains in balance with other micro organisms. But if the yeast over-grows in the body, then it starts giving pain. In men, Candidiasis is a condition when the yeast over grows in the penis resulting in pain.

It is a well known fact that any disease, either a yeast infection or other serious infection can be the result of low immunity. This also applies to candidiasis. This is the most embarrassing and painful infection that a man can be a victim of. The infection can be the result of the presence of number of factors which can promote the growth of yeast.

Low immunity is the main cause of the yeast over growing and low immunity is caused by many factors including nutritious deficiency, stress, low white blood cell count, HIV Infection and any type of cancer. With low immunity, the growth of the yeast will increase making the resistance very low against the infection.

As mentioned above, low immunity is caused by the deficiency of nutrition in the body. Low quality food intake is another reason which leads to the growth of the infection.

The amazing fact is that antibiotics can also cause the infection in the body. The fact is the antibiotic kills the bacteria including those which are responsible for the blockage of Candida yeast growth. So this again leads to penile yeast infection.

Diabetic men are likely to get the penile yeast infection because of the amount of the sugar present in the urine. Diabetes is also responsible for lowering the immunity against disease. Men should also avoid using condoms containing nonoxynol-9, which again kill the bacteria along with sperm.

Also sexual intercourse can cause the disease if any of the partners is not healthy and contains the disease. So to avoid getting the disease, one should be healthy with good immunity against the disease.