Causes and cures for Hair Loss in Men


Hair loss is a normal and common bodily function, though people are alarmed about it.  This process takes place in our body daily, but since the magnitude is less, we do not notice it.

When the hair loss becomes larger, we start treating it. For example, baldness in men occurs commonly in elderly men, but when it occurs when you are below 40, it alarms you.

Baldness may extend to a larger area on the scalp or it can be a mere path. Some men lose their confidence levels feeling that baldness has come too early, leading to experimentation of several medicines.

Such usage of drugs can be harmful. There are a number of methods to stop and treat loss of hair. Before treating hair loss, you must know the causes.


People attribute a number of causes for loss of hair, including wearing a cap or dyeing hair. There are only three important reasons for hair loss which are: hereditary causes, age and health related problems.

Hereditary reasons make men bald often. Baldness is caused due to excessive supply of dihydrotestosterone (DHT) in the body, which shrinks the binding follicles and they finally drop off.

The second reason is aging. When you gain age, you drop hair volume. Our hair goes through a cycle when old hair falls off and new hair grows. This cycle slows down as you age and hair starts to thin out. Through slowing down, old men develop white hair.

Health is another reason. If one is exposed to radiation during Cancer therapy, baldness can visit you. Some drugs also cause hair loss. Fungal infections, conditions of anemia can also bring about loss of hair.


If stress has caused hair loss, you have to look into the causes of stress and it has to be treated for any effective results.

Treatment includes intake of Minoxidil and Finasteride. Minoxidil is good for controlling high blood pressure levels and as a side effect it promotes body hair. On the other hand, the prescription drug, Finasteride prevents speedy increase of dihydrotestosterone, reducing hair loss.