Catherine Keener Hot Or Not?


Catherine Keener is an actress, who is born on 26 March, 1960, in Miami, Florida. Her birth name is Catherine Ann Keener. Her parents Jim and Evelyn Keener have five children and she is third out of five. Her height is 5”8” (1.73cm). Her father was a manager of an automotive store. To of her two siblings are also actresses and the direction of their careers didn’t initially occurs to Catherine.

Keener studied from Immaculate Conception Catholic School in Hialeah, Florida. She has grown up without facing any difficulty but when she reached high school at Monsignor Edward Pace High School, Keener began desperately acting out. She was then expelled from the 11th grade, but later she returned to school and tries her level best to keep her grades up enough to be accepted into college.

Keener officially broke into films with one line in About Last Night in1986. Professionally she struggled very much over the next few years one low-quality project had an unexpected dividend. Keener met her future husband who was an actor Dermot Mulroney in 1987 while working on Survival Quest in 1989, after Mulroney became stuck while attempting to scale a cliff.