Careers Opportunities In Air Force

Careers In Air Force

Careers In Air Force Being one of the most prestigious and high-paying jobs in the world, more and more youths are trying to make their career in Air Force, as it places you amongst some of the best men in the world, gives you a chance to use a supersonic jet and all other related technologies like never before.

People who are extremely energetic, full of enthusiasm, hard working, passionate about their work and committed to serving their nation should really consider taking up this career option.

Depending on your educational qualifications and capabilities, you may choose from various types of career options and take up the one which suits you best. It is important to remember that an air force job is a serious affair and you should be ready to even die for your country if needed.

List Of Careers In Air Force

Flying Branch

The flying branch is open for young men and women who are either a graduate or a post graduate with a strong science background. If you are chosen under this branch, you will be trained to become a pilot and get a chance to fly high in the air.

Flying Branch

The positions included in this branch of the Air Force are helicopter pilot, fighter pilot and a transport pilot. There are specific pilot training programs and regimes which train you in your job depending on your experience and designation.

Technical Branch

People who work in the technical branch of an air force ensure that the aircrafts and weapons which are quite sophisticated in nature function properly and that nothing goes wrong with them.

Engineers, who are an expert in aeronautics, are called in from the mechanical and electronic divisions of engineering so that they can maintain and service the various aircrafts and communication devices placed at all Air Force stations. In order to get into the technical branch of an Air Force, you should clear the Direct Entry Scheme easily.

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Ground Duty Branch

All the human and materialistic resources in the world of Air Force are managed by this branch and it forms a very crucial part of the Air Force. Men who aspire to wish to work as the ground staff can choose from various branches like administration, accounts, logistics, meteorology and education.

Ground Duty Branch

You will be fully responsible for all the actions that take place at the ground level, with your main responsibilities being that of managing resources, funds and the proper disbursement of funds and materials available. You may have to guide pilots while they are flying or ensures that the ones under training are getting trained properly.

Air Chief Marshal

The Air Chief Marshal is the highest in command and takes full responsibility of all the branches of Air Force and all those working in it. He overviews all the ongoing activities, takes major decisions at times of war or national security breach and reports directly to the concerned authority in the government of that particular country. He is the first to be informed in times of crisis and the whole Air Force works under his direction and constant supervision.

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