Career Opportunities In Insurance Sector

Career Opportunities In Insurance Sector

Career Opportunities In Insurance Sector Generally insurance is best understood as a risk management tool that can be en cashed in case of risk or an eventuality. It can also be stated as shifting of the responsibility of managing risk to other entity and ensure safety at all times. For getting this facility the insurance company charge a regular fee called as premium.

So, you would be directly or indirectly taking up the responsibility of providing security to people across the world. It is an industry that is really booming in the recent times and providing many career opportunities for fresher as well as experienced professionals. You can opt for a career in the field of insurance and don any of the following roles.

Career In Insurance Sector


If you are a financial analyst then this job profile would suit you the best as you would be the person deciding taking into account various factors that can cause any kind of damage or loss, and eventually if any damage or loss occurs what would be the cost of it, and this costing would decide the amount to be charged for insuring your products.

The cost arrived should not only be in a position to cover the damages if any but also provide a safe room for the company. This does not mean that you charge enormous fee and loose your clients, but, you have to strike the right balance between the price you charge and profits that the company can make. It should be a win-win situation for both the parties. It is a career where your analysis matters and you can reach pinnacle of success if you are good at analyzing.


They are the people who decide whether the goods should be insured or not by your company based on various factors including the price being taken into consideration. They calculate and decide the premium amount that needs to be paid by the applicant who has sought insurance.

Career Opportunities In Insurance Sector

Underwriter’s judgement qualities play a major role in making sure that the insurance company does not end up making losses. The judgement of underwriter makes serious impact on the future business of insurance. They are able to judge better with the help of the analytical reports and statistics provided by the Actuaries. They are paid very well and in some insurance companies they get commission in addition to fixed salaries. It is really a passionate rewarding career option.

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Insurance Sales Agent

The main job of these people is to sell the different types of insurance policies spelt out by the company and provide with all the help for the existing customers. They would be constantly in search of new clients who can be engaged into a long term customer. They keep meeting different types of people across the society, educate them about the benefits of insuring through a particular company, the benefits in store for the insurer, the premium amount that the insurer needs to pay, etc.

They increase the clientele for the company and make sure that by their relentless services the clients are kept happy and the business grows. The rewards are enormous and you end up having contacts at various levels of the society.

In addition you can take up the role of Loss Control Consultants, Administrative Officers, Development Officer, Surveyors, etc. Each of these roles provides you with lots of interesting and really rewarding careers.

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