Career Opportunities In Airlines


Airlines The airline industry is a huge industry in today’s times, operating at an international level. Both passengers and goods items have a huge demand for air transport facilities and this demand seems to be increasing more and more with each passing day. Also, new airports and related infrastructure is being developed all around the globe.

Nowadays, many graduates are opting for courses which teach them how to operate and manage the airline industry in details and are given a huge variety of career options to choose from in this industry. If an individual is ready to pay for his flight training through his own fees or scholarship and is able to pass the required medical criteria’s, then he can take the license of a private pilot and become one, which is being offered by many top airline management courses.

These courses aim to get jobs for students who are keen on working in the airline industry. They help the individual to get jobs as an operator in a specific airline company, in management and operations of airlines, designing an airport or the related buildings, handling air travel operations, working in the transport and freight facilities of airlines and even as a pilot for an airline company.

There are a variety of such careers to choose from and if an individual is sure of wanting to work in the airline industry, it is important for him to understand the top airline careers that this industry has to offer and choose the one that suits him best.

Career Ideas In Airlines

Director of Aerospace Program Management

If you are looking to work as the most highly paid and reputed individual in the airline industry, then you should plan to become a director of aerospace program management team, who earns more than a six figure salary annually. The educational qualification required in this field is that of an MBA along with a degree in engineering.

Director of Aerospace Program Management

The job profile of such a director requires him to take part in discussions which involve the business strategy of a company, hold meeting and negotiate with companies to finalize contracts of building aircrafts and ensure that the entire company functions in such a manner that it yields maximum profits each year.

Pilot or Co-Pilot

Another top paying and reputed airline career is that of a pilot or a co-pilot. Pilots receive specialized training to fly a specific type of aircraft be it a light plane, huge aircraft or helicopter. A pilot helps in transferring mail, goods or passengers and provides other types of aviation services as specified by the airline company they work for.

In order to become a pilot, a person should have a college degree and get certified training from a good training school. Many pilots also utilize their time in testing new planes, monitoring air traffic and doing similar kinds of work. You should be ready to put in long hours of work and be totally dedicated in what you do in order to become a successful pilot.

Air Traffic Controller

The duty of an air traffic controller is to make sure that the air traffic moves in a safe and orderly manner in the sky. Thousands of aircrafts pass throughout the world every single day and it is the air traffic controllers who guide the airlines to their designated positions along with managing all the aircraft’s flow along the air routes.

Air Traffic Controller

Air traffic is increasing every year and it is very important to have efficient air traffic controllers who have immense mental focus to ensure that no accidents take place. An associate’s degree is needed to become an air traffic controller and the person should be very aware of his surroundings, have excellent eyesight, hearing and communication skills.

He should be ready to work under pressure and be a confident person who is capable of making on the spot decisions. This kind of a job profile is very steady in nature and a person who can work diligently can be rest assured of his job till the time he retires.

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Flight Attendant

The main job of a flight attendant is to provide all the aircraft passengers with all types of onboard services and make sure that all the safety procedures of an airline are observed and practiced inside the aircraft at all times.

A flight attendant should have a friendly approach and possess good communication skills. They should be well groomed and be able to work in a team. Also, they should be able to handle work pressure and have a healthy and fit body. A flight attendant should know how to swim. If you are a college graduate and possess these skills, you can easily enroll in an institute which gives the required training to become a flight attendant.

Aircraft Maintenance Manager

This kind of a job profile requires an individual to possess excellent technical skill and be capable of leading teams. An aircraft maintenance manager is a professional who makes sure that his teams perform their aircraft maintenance task on a regular basis and in accordance to the basic rules and guidelines that have been set by the airports authority.

Aircraft Maintenance Manager

A number of technicians, cleaning staff and other workers work under the maintenance manager and get trained and hired by him to keep the aircraft and related areas of work clean, maintained and in good working condition.

Aerospace Project Engineer

Another prestigious and top job profile in the airline industry is the aerospace project engineer. A person at this level understands each and every minute detail about aerospace engineering and is capable of managing his whole team in a project with his organizational and interpersonal skills.

He takes up a specific project, manages its budget, hires and trains the staff which is required to complete the project and also ensures that his team works in an efficient and responsible manner. He is solely responsible for the execution of the entire project.

The individual applying for this post should be extremely responsible and diligent, ready to work under a lot of pressure, having a thorough knowledge of the project he has taken up and be confident of delivering the project on time.

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