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Career Assessment

Career Assessment Either you are a student deciding your majors or a first time job seeker; a career assessment can be a good option for you to start with. Choosing the right career is as important as choosing a perfect life partner.  Entering into a career without proper planning and thought will only lead to job dissatisfaction and frequent job changing, ultimately leading you to nowhere but simply wasting a considerable time of your precious life. 

Later on when you identify the suitable career in your life, you may find yourself not suitable for it, and end up grieving for not having started your approach early. This shows how important it is to choose and plan your career right from the beginning.

Once you have realized the importance of choosing the right career, the next question is how to know which career suits you the best.  In order to answer this question, you first need to assess yourself and know what are your interests, preferences, skills, values, strengths and weaknesses. This is where a career assessment becomes handy which will help you not only in self assessing, but also in arriving at a clear cut decision regarding your career.

Now, if you are interested in going for a career assessment, the following piece of information will assist you in understanding a bit into detail about career assessment and its life changing benefits.

What Is A Career Assessment?

It is a process, which involves the assessment of an individual of his/her overall personal traits that are necessary in choosing a career best suitable for him/her. With the help of certain tools, usually, a career counselor assesses an individual by making him/her to answer to certain questions related to different fields of careers. The answers are then appraised, and a person is evaluated and deemed to be fit for those particular careers in which he scores the highest.

The career assessment programs are generally conducted by career counselors, universities offering career services, placement companies, the human resources department of the hiring companies and guidance counselors, and these people assist the candidates in making the right decisions.

Benefits Of Career Assessment

A career assessment may be a wonderful opportunity for you, to explore yourself and understand what you really are and what you want to achieve in your life. It clears your confusion in making the choice from an array of careers. Shortly, it is a medium of self discovery, and an excellent means to achieve personal and professional growth.

career assessment advantages

Once you clarify your interests through a career assessment, you will be able to focus better on exploring the right avenues and take up the right career, that can give you the utmost job satisfaction without having to give a second thought of changing your career in future.

In addition to job seekers, a career assessment can help you even if you are a student, while you are opting for your majors to pursue higher education. By getting sure of what you want to achieve in your life through a career assessment, you may be able to focus your attention in the right direction, and lay a strong foundation for your dream career. Moreover, it is also helpful for those seeking a midlife career change or looking for opportunities post retirement.

Career Assessment Tools

As career assessment facilities are offered by many different organizations, the tools and methods used by each one of them may differ significantly. However, the most common methods used in career assessment are the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), Strong Interest Inventory (SII), Careerscope and the Career Clusters.

Apart from these, there are many other assessment methods such as writing personalized reports, artistic expression of self interests, value exercises, and much more which may be conducted individually by specific organizations for specific situations.

A Word Of Caution

Although beneficial, but before going for a career assessment you always have to check the validity of the tests.  Apart from the authorized organizations, you may find innumerable career assessment tests and tools on a click on the net, which may lack empirical validity. Hence, while relying upon the results of such online tests, you need to be more careful.

Even if you prefer to go for a career assessment through an authorized channel, it may also be possible that you may end up in a wrong career or one in which you may be least interested, if the professional who is about to assess you is not suitably qualified or inefficient. Hence, it is always necessary to exercise much caution and care while taking up the assessment tests and interpreting the results.

So, the above mentioned points are just a glimpse of what a career assessment is, and hopefully it will assist you in understanding your own potentialities and decision making. Now it is for you to use this tool to your advantage, and make your dreams come true.

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