Caffeine Gum


Caffeine always helps you when you are working to get you out of your droopiness. Taking the hint, energy supplement manufacturers have come out with caffeine gum, to pull you up from boredom.  Lets understand what is caffeine gum and how will it affect the health of chewer.  

Introduced by the US military to ensure that the soldiers work long, caffeine gum has now become a popular supplement. Caffeine gum, according to studies, was able keep the soldiers fighting for 68 hours continuously.

When caffeine is consumed through coffee or chocolate drink, absorption takes place in 90 minutes through the stomach. Gum ingests caffeine directly through the mouth-tissues and enters blood instantly. In a matter of minutes, all the caffeine in gum gets into the body of chewer. The results are faster.

Caffeine gum of the variety used by military like Stay Alert Gum has very high caffeine levels. Common people cannot access it, while lower-level gums like Jolt Gum, which is almost equivalent to drinking a cup of coffee and thus doesn’t harm you, can be used.

The addictive nature of caffeine is still disputed.  It is however known that when coffee users don’t get their coffee they feel low, and more so caffeine users.   Sometimes people rely on small doses of caffeine to be alert. It is known to stimulate fight-or-flight reflexes, resulting in stress. The fact is that these are all mild effects and thus can be ignored.

Being a stimulant, Caffeine can be called as a drug which brings an effect on the body, which doesn’t occur naturally. When you feel tired, you should rest. Caffeine cannot be a solution for this. Since caffeine leaves the body quickly, you will feel a slump after that, which can be more intense than the tiredness.

When you feel that you require something extra to keep you alert, examine your sleeping habits and how much you are resting the body. Try to sleep for one more hour and it should help you. In spite of this, if you want stimulants for your daily alertness; maybe you can use caffeine gum, sparingly. Don’t get addicted to it, making it your daily routine, because both the body and mind will later suffer.