Caffeine and Its Effects


When we hear the word ‘caffeine’ we normally think of the brew most of us have come to love, and many of us cannot do without. I refer here to the hot cup of coffee we all drink at some time or the other. Caffeine is an integral part of that cup of coffee and in fact it is the most important ingredient of the brew. This ingredient has a bitter taste and is odorless and gives coffee the taste we all love.

This is an ingredient that gives coffee the great taste but that is all of the good caffeine has to offer. There are a lot of affects that this ingredient has on us and we could happily do without. The worst effect caffeine has is on our brain, our kidneys and the heart and blood vessels. However, some experts say that it is important to have a small intake of caffeine as this increases, somewhat significantly, our breathing and metabolism. Just a small portion of caffeine, say about 90 to 125 milligrams of the stuff is included in an amount of coffee as small as 5 ounces. Tea also contains caffeine but 5 ounces of tea will contain just 37milli grams of the ingredient.

Some of the effects of coffee on the human body include increased blood circulation, speed up the thought process, induces a state of well-being of the mind, It also increases an individuals ability to memorize numbers and improves the thought sequence. Coffee, however, can lead to nervousness and insomnia if it is consumed in too large a quantity.

If you are in the habit of consuming more than two cups of coffee during 24 hours you are in trouble. Because this brew, in such large quantities will have an adverse effect on your cardiovascular system. It will also slow your pulse rate, cause hypertension, contract your blood vessels located just below the surface of your skin and dilate the vessels in the kidneys all leading to health complications over a period of time.

So in the ultimate analysis, though it is beneficial to have coffee in moderation, keep your consumption of the brew to a minimum say 2 cups in a period of 24 hours. It is all for the best!