Building trust in the company


Dynamics of management has undergone drastic changes and the new managerial strategies are properly executed by the young managers in an efficient way. Management guru “Shiv Khera” in his famous book” You Can Win” rightly explained few often tactics that the managers of this cyber age needs to follow. Building trust in the company is not at all impossible, but it takes a certain amount of time. Once we make ourselves indispensable in the company where we work with positive output, the boss definitely will help us in achieving our desired career goals.

After we join a company, we must keep the promises and if we fail to keep the promises that we make while joining, then it can become difficult and the office environment may be difficult for us. There can be personal problems and crisis but when we interact in the office we must be attentive and should be cautious while conversing, any loose comment can be detrimental. Trust is important in place of work and management needs employees to be valued and the trustworthy professional indeed gets proper valuation.

Whenever a new guy joins, it is duty of a good professional to percolate essential information to him and a helpful attitude also helps to develop a mutual trust and respect. When the company goes through turbulent times, every employee should attempt to contribute to make the company steady. An outstanding performance can help a lot and this also helps in building trust in the firm.

In the recent past, there have been several scandals as hardly there were trustworthy professionals within the firms. Foremost it is necessary to develop a sense of trust and especially after Joining a company, it is necessary to work really hard until the company’s management develops trust. Sharing both good and bad information with different levels is required to be a good manager. Also it is always a good idea to acknowledge the subordinate and junior staff as their performance is indeed crucial.

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