Braided Hairstyles For Men

Braided Hairstyles For Men

Braided Hairstyles For Men With the change in lifestyle patterns and preferences, more and more men have started keeping long hair like women and are experimenting with their hair, trying out different hairstyles like curly, straight, braided and ponytails. Amongst these, the most popular one is braided hairstyles in which men can experiment various types of styles on their hair and give an entirely new look to their hair and face.

Studies reveal that men’s hair grows at a much faster rate when compared to that of a woman’s. It is advisable not to keep your hair braided for a very long time at a stretch. You should keep the braided look for a maximum of a week or two and then wash your hair properly, condition it and tie a ponytail.

This helps your hair relax as it gets stretched and tensed while being braided. After a few days you can again get your hair braided if you want to and also experiment a new design altogether. Men can choose from a number of hairstyles when it comes to braiding their hair such as a money symbol, flowers, mazes designed with braids and animal braids.

Designers are nowadays being very creative in designing them. Unlike women, men do use heavy extensions or weaves on their hair. This helps to reduce hair breakage and the hair remains strong and healthy. Thus, they are able to make use of various types of braided styles.

Kinds Of Men’s Braided Hairstyles


This kind of a braided hairstyle forms a zig-zag pattern on the head. Each braid is made in a zig-zag pattern and compliments the other braids in size. The design starts from one end of the head near the ears and covers the whole scalp and ends near the other ear.

Braided Hairstyles

If a person has very long hair, then after the braiding is complete his hair may be tied in a small ponytail to give a neat look. This kind of a braid is recommended for men who have relatively shorter hair as it looks neater and more complete on such hair.

Big and Small

Another popular braided style is that of braiding the hair in one big braid and one small braid alternately. This style too starts near one ear and ends on the other. However, in this style, a lot of hair is accumulated to make the first braid which is quite big and fat in size while the second one is very small and thin as compared to the first one.

This style is repeated till all the hair gets braided. If a person has long hair, after all the hair is braided, his hair is tied into a ponytail to give a neat look.


In this braided style the hair is braided in such a manner that they form the shape of small diamonds on the scalp. These diamonds give a very elite and stylish look to the hair, making this braided style one of the most popular hairstyles in recent times.

kind of Braid Hairstyles For Men

The creativity lies in the fact that all the diamonds are of the same size and the area which remains after the hair is braided forms a zig-zag pattern which complements the diamonds.


In this hairstyle, the hair is braided in such a manner that it gives the impression that there are moving flames on the person’s head. In order to make this design, long strands of hair are braided and twisted in such a manner that the second braid stars from where the first one ends and curves are given to these braids to get the flame effect.

Men who have long hair should definitely try out this braided hairstyle as more the hair, better the flames look. The rest of the hair is not tied into a ponytail but is left as loose braids to enhance the looks.

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A braided hairstyle which involves the scorpion looks very trendy and elegant but requires intricate detailing. In this hairstyle the hair is divided into 5 equal portions. A lot of gap should be left in between the portions.

Then each portion is braided in such a manner that a little bit of hair remains loose on both the sides. The gap contains the loosened hair and this hair is braided in such a manner that it forms the legs of a scorpion. One leg emerges out of one portion of the braided hair while the parallel leg emerges out of the next portion of braided hair.

Sun Rays

In this hairstyle the hair is braided to form the rays that emerge out of the sun. The hair is divided into small equal portions. One needs to choose the right or the left side and pull the strands of hair towards that side.

different Braided Hairstyles For Men

Then the hair is braided into small braids and turned sideways to the chosen side. This helps to form the look of sun rays being emerged from the head. Generally in this style, the extra hair is braided and tied firmly so that it cannot be seen. If the extra hair shows, it spoils the looks of the rays.


The crown hairstyle forms a sort of a crown on the person’s head which is very popular amongst men nowadays. To make this hairstyle the hair is divided into equal portions but the top most portion of the hair near the forehead is left loose.

The rest of the hair is braided in a normal pattern and tied at the end. Then the loosened hair is pulled back and the hairdresser makes the braid starting from the inside portion and moving to the outer portions near the ears and then inside again. This forms a crown on the man’s hand giving him a different look.


The Mohawk hairstyle is easy to achieve but the braiding should be done neatly to get the desired looks. Here horizontal patterns are formed all over the head with the help of braids. This is a completely different look as braids generally possess vertical strand of hair in most cases.

If a person gets this hairstyle done, it is advisable not to keep it for more than a week in order to relax the hair as the hair strands get pulled a lot while getting braided horizontally.