Black Clothes Style Tips


black-clothes-style Many people like to wear black as it is said that black makes you look slimmer. Well if you must wear black then you ought to learn how to mix and match your black garments. Men seem to be just a bit rusty on this subject so we thought we would put together a few things that will do well for you.

We will help you in deciding what black garments will go well together (its all about shades and fabric) so that you can enjoy to your hearts content donning that favorite black outfit.

The first thing about black clothes that you need to know about is that woolens in black do much better than their cotton cousins. This is because the cotton fabric does not take to the black dye very well and so it soon fades. That really becomes a disaster garment. I knew a friend who insisted on using black cotton, but had to take on the additional responsibility of having them re-dyed regularly so that they would look good. This can be an arduous tack, so make sure you know what you are getting into.

When it comes to trying to match up an all black garment it can be a challenge if you do not have a wide range of fabrics to choose from. You do not want to look as if you are in some kind of uniform. So matching black trousers with a black shirt be aware of the subtle shade difference there are to get that chic look. For example, the shirt may have a purple cast while the trousers black may have a brown cast. One needs to have a fine eye to discern this fine shade differences.

The other way to mix up your blacks is to look at the fabric and texture of the material. It’s a great way of getting the right effect. You could try out a heavily woolen sweater with a real smooth trouser or vise versa. When it comes to looking after your black garments, it is best to have them dry-cleaned. If that is not possible then for your first laundering of the garment use a cup of vinegar. Vinegar helps bind the color to the cloth and so will reduce the over all fading process.

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