Best Sexual Positions For Men


Most magazines and advice columns usually harp about satisfying your partner as the most important thing to do in order to make a relationship click; however, sex counsellors today are increasingly recommended putting your needs forward to your partner so no resentment builds up later and you treat your body right, too.

Thus, we’ve featured for you some of the best male sexual positions here: please your woman first, if that’s what makes you happy – but don’t relegate your sexual needs to the backseat (unless you’re keen on the car’s backseat as a new location for making out – yes, its furtive and fun, so highly recommended).

Our pick of the best sexual positions for men are sure to blow your mind and build up your sexual repertoire so you’re a red-hot lover: take a look below!

The lotus position is the first recommended one for all men seeking ecstasy and newness in lovemaking: men should sit cross-legged on the and pull their partner onto their lap to straddle her while wrapping her legs around their waist; next move requires the man to raise himself up and down till mutual orgasm is attained.

The slow rocking movement back and forth on your lap puts less strain on the lower back and you can take the support of a wall or headboard (on the bed) to give your partner something to hold on to and make the ride easier.

The other popular sexual position for men is doing it Doggy style: it’s not the forte of porn movies only and can really rock your sexual life so, give it a try.  This rear-entry position allows deep penetration and less effort to achieve orgasmic pleasure, and if your partner feels less connected to you during this, try some mushy talk and fondling to get her feeling intimate and fulfilled like you!