Best Role Play Fantasies


If you’re been thinking of ways to spice up your sex life and boost your relationship capers, then how about some role play fantasizing for giving your partner a taste of all she may have wanted without having to ask for it? Yes, it’s true that more and more relationship experts and marriage counsellors are pitching for couples to consider newer, more playful and sexy scenarios to spice up things in the bedroom and encourage role playing for building up intimacy and boosting libido!

Among the best-loved role-playing scenarios we’ve learned most women aren’t afraid to try out or are particularly keen on experimenting with are a schoolroom fantasy!

For the first time you can suggest to your partner that she can play the headmistress’ role while you be her truant pupil (yeah, its something every teenage boy has sometime thought of – being the subject of his teacher’s lust, so we’re sure you’ll love it; to make your woman love the role-playing just as much, allow for mood setting with an actual desk and chair scenario, dress up in appropriate clothes and talk your way through for building up the action!).

The power play involved will definitely be a heady mix for your woman and since it encourages taking advantage of you unfairly, it is bound to give her a high as domination over you incites you to rebel, resist and later give in to satisfying her fantasies!

Catch her masturbating (or vice versa) and join in or simply watch on – or even perhaps, involve some spanking or other form of punishment besides instruction on doing it right!

In another scenario between teacher-pupil, the errant one can be instructed to read aloud all possible sexual thoughts ever entertained about the other and a role-reversal thereafter to extend the role-playing!