Best Of Men’s Curly Hairstyles For You

Curly Hairstyles

Curly Hairstyles With the change in trend and outlook towards life, men have become as conscious as women when it comes to wearing different types of clothes, accessories and owning different hairstyles. The kind of hairstyle that we keep depends on the quality of hair that we possess as some styles look good on straight hair while some add to the attractiveness of curly hair.

If you have curly hair you should take care of it as not many men are blessed with it. You should shampoo and condition your hair regularly. This will help to manage frizzy hair and prevent them from tangling. There are a number of hairstyles which you can choose from if you have curly hair.

Tips For Men’s Curly Hairstyles

Mass of Curls

This kind of a hairstyle is especially named after curls as the look lays a lot of emphasis on curly hair which forms the basis of this style. In order to own this hairstyle, grow your curls a little long and do not comb your hair too much.

The curls remain a lit hap-hazard in style and spread out in all directions in an uneven manner. Though it is advisable not to carry this hairstyle to work, you can extensively use it at home, with friends or while on a vacation.


Shaggy refers to that curly hairstyle which includes strong waves and loose curls. This style suits those individuals who do not have extremely curly hair.


Your waves and curls should be combed in such a manner that they all turn towards one direction of your head and give a synchronized look to your hair. Let some of the hair fall on your forehead so that it adds to the looks and style.


To own this style, divide your hair into 3 equal parts. Both the side portions of the hair should be combed normally. However the strip of hair that lies in the middle should be curled well and made to turn towards the forehead, forming a somewhat pointed look on the face. This style is becoming increasingly popular in recent times and men who wish to try something different with their curls, can surely go for this look.

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Short Curls

Cut your curly hair really short and comb it well. The curls which get left behind will automatically stand up and make you hair look extra curly.

Short Curls

Try this hairstyle if you wish to stand out in a crowd and emphasis on your curly hair to attract woman. You are sure to make heads turn, wherever you go. Care should be taken that you shampoo and condition your hair before going out so that they do not become frizzy.

Braided and Colored Curls

In this unique hairstyle, braid your curls near the scalp and loosen them up as you move down. You can also color a few strands of hair in 2 different colors of your choice and then braid them to get a totally different look. This style will suit those men who have long and curly hair. Ensure that you comb your hair well and remove the entangled hair before making the braids or coloring them.