Benefits and Harms of Sports Drinks


Sports Drinks are the type of beverages which have high concentration of vitamins and carbohydrates. These high amounts are responsible for revitalizing the body functioning and to recoup the energy which is lost during workouts and sports. It is generally understood that the Sports Drinks refresh and are good for the body, but this is not exactly true as increased consumption of Sports Drinks can also lead to other health issues.

One major benefit of using Sports Drinks is that these drinks help to avoid dehydration that may occur due to sweating during workouts, by providing fluids in alternative form. Sweating during exercise results in loss of many minerals and vitamins, which are essential for the normal functioning of body. So the consumption of Sports Drinks helps us to replenish our nutritional requirements. The main reason for regular consumption of these drinks by athletes and other active individuals is to keep the body functioning properly through replacement fluids.

There is no doubt in the fact that water has no alternative and one should prefer consuming water while doing workouts. However, if anyone wants to consume something which is more tasteful than water, then Sports Drinks are the best choice for such individuals.

These drinks are designed to replenish water and help to refill essential minerals and vitamins in the body, after any tough sports or workout activity. The good thing about these Sports Drinks is that these they have zero Sugar in comparison to other energy drinks, which have a lot of Sugar.

Another benefit of Sports Drinks is that these contain sufficient amounts of proteins and carbohydrates. Carbohydrates help to keep the energy level high and also help the person to perform with maximum efficiency. Similarly, the presence of proteins also helps to increase the performance of athletes.

However, there are few disadvantages of Sports Drinks as well. Sports Drinks are used in place of water, but according to medical science you should not use these drinks after any tough activity like aerobics or jogging etc. Also Sports Drinks have less Sugar, but still enough to create health issues like Diabetes Type 2 and obesity. These Sports Drinks have acid, which when combined with sugar, can cause tooth health issues. The presence of caffeine is also harmful for the nervous system, even if consumed in moderate amounts regularly.

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