Believe It Or Not–Make Up Tips For Men


In these modern day and times men are increasingly looking for better ways to look their best. This is a good trend and with the way things were going just a few years ago with guys donning that lazy look with low hanging jeans and torn cloths, not to mention the unkempt hair and unshaven face – yes, men looking for makeup tips (as pansy like as it may sound) it is a good trend indeed, at least for those of us guys who like the formal and groomed look.

Men are increasingly in search for good grooming tips all over the world today. It is increasingly being found that men are seeking make up tips in order to achieve that groomed, clean shaven handsome look, much like the models on the ramp modeling celebrity clothing and stuff. This article will explain some of the make up tips used by experts in the field of men’s grooming.

There are an increasing number of men who are resorting to the use of foundation. If you do need to use a foundation try white pressed powder or foundation that matches the tone of your skin. Never use eye shadow along with foundation if you sport a moustache or beard or both. Many men seem to over do it when it comes to powdering up. One of the best ways to determine if you have is to match your face with the neck region. Wipe your face or dust it with a towel to knock off the excess powder.

A large moustache will make your face look small. So if you have a small build then groom your moustache and beard to fit close to your face. Short hair style and facial hair will give you a well groomed look. If you do not sport a beard then shave everyday, perhaps twice, to remove the shadow.

One very ugly occurrence is nasal hair. Check for nasal hair everyday and remove it regularly. The same goes for excessive hair growing on the ears.

Use some moisturizer that will not give you a shine. Powdering up usually serves the purpose of removing any shine from the face. Follow these tips everyday before setting out for the day and you will soon discover people are noticing you!