Beer Varieties


beer-variety Beer is a very universal drink and is enjoyed by many all over the world. Often it’s the first brewage drink one has in his youth. You have from Lagers to Ales and a hoist of all types which make up the family of beer. You may like to learn about all the different kinds so that you can not only stock up your bar with a wider variety but be able to share them with friends and family.

Lager is the best know variety. It is considered as the base of all beers. In fact, other beers are judged by its standards. Lager has a smooth and crisp taste. It is normally brewed from any thing between four to twelve weeks before it is ready for your palate. It is fermented in very cool temperatures using yeast. When it comes to Pale many claim it to be the most popular in the Lager range. The beer is much clearer and has a clean very subtle mild hops flavor. It is also very highly carbonated. Ever tried a Budweiser or a Stella Artois or may be a Carlsberg, these are all excellent Pale beers.

The next variety is of a much darker color and is in fact called Dark. The dark color comes from the caramel that is added to it. Dark Lager is considered to be in the middle order in lager beers. It has a medium level of hops strength and bitterness. The best varieties are St Paul or the Michelob Dark. Even the Girl Dark is very good. Then we have the Pilsner which has a very transparent golden color. It is said to be the oldest variety of Lager. It has by gar the most intense bitter hops taste. Tried the Dos Equis or the Pilsner Urquell , these are the best in the Pilsner family of beers.

Now we will shed some light on Ales. Ales unlike Lager ferment in much warmer temperature for shorter periods of time. The result is a much fruiter beer which is less sharp in taste. What’s great about it is it is fast to process. You have in the Ale family what is known as Pale. This is copper or possibly bronze colored Ale. It has a very high level of hops making it nice and bitter. The best verities are Burton and the Royal Oak. Then one has the Brown which is low on alcohol very subtle on its hops level and has a nutty sweetness to it.  The Newcastle Brown Ale is an excellent example.

Porte is on the other hand high on its alcohol content and has a dark roasted taste. It is how ever light bodied. Try the Sierra Nevada Porter or the Fuller’s London Porte it have your fill. Lastly we have for you is the Stout. It is made from roasted malts, barley or even oatmeal. It is a very dark rich top fermenting brew. It could be dry, sweet, or strong. Most love it for its creamy head. The best Stout is either the Guinnes Extra Stout or the Beamish Stout.

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