Basic Sock Sense For Men


basicsock Are you careless when it comes to deciding what socks you wear? Well that may be a silly question actually because in fact it may just be that you never realised that there is some thing knows as what sock needs to be worn.

Yes you had better believe me on that one as those who know all about it must be having a field day looking at you colour coordination’s.

Let me tell you the much desired white socks which were some many years back some what fashionable are far from being so any longer. So, for all of you who have a bag full of whites, get ready to add some colour.

The common misnomer is what’s the big deal? They are in any case hidden by your trousers. What a sad way off looking at those socks of yours that keeps your feet nice and warm especially in winter.

But here is the tricky part for the trained eye no matter how handsome the man may be no matter how well his suit fits not matter just how great his shoes are if the socks do not match up to the over all affect you would get a big zero.

Top to bottom there need to be a flow of colours, so if the socks are not correctly matched to the outfit then sorry you have lost the battle of the dress code.

So the over all affect of harmony is what you need to achieve and here are a few simple thing that need to be taken into account. The first we will talk about is the argyle style. These normally come in blended weaves or wool and you would best know them as the ones that have diamond motifs.

This type of sock is best used when dressing casual. So if it is a sports jacket that you are wearing pick one of these types of sock. You could try to match the major colour of the sock to either to the sports jacket it self or to the shoe you plan to wear.

The next one is the one which you may have notices as having a lot of tiny dots on them. They are known as Bird’s Eye. These go best with plain suits. Her again try to match the colour to the shoe or the colour of the suit. The last one we will talk about is the herringbone pattern.

A very popular weave and here again goes best with plain suits especially in dark colour ranges. It greatly adds to the vibrancy of the suit.