Basic Information For Tourists Traveling To Bali


Bali also known as the “Island of the Gods” is a small island paradise in Indonesia. It is located at the tip of the Western portion of the Lesser Sundra Islands.  It is a famous tourist destination for its pristine beaches and its great art and music scene. Tourists also flock to the area for its world class dive spots.

A Brief History
Bali has a rich history that dates back to the prehistoric era. Artifacts like tools and earthen vessels have been unearthed in Bali. These artifacts were discovered to belong to a period as far back as 3000 years ago.  The culture of the Balinese has influences from the Hindu culture that started in the 1st century AD. The Portuguese also left their influence when a ship from that country found its way to the shores of Bali in 1585. In 1597, the Dutch came and founded the Dutch East India Company. The Japanese also conquered Bali during the World War II. All these cultures have left their influences in the culture and history of the Balinese people.

Travel Documents
The government of Bali requires a visa for tourists from most countries. It also has a short list of countries where they do not require a visa. It is important before you travel to Bali to determine if your country of origin is required to apply for a visa to enter Bali. You must apply for a visa before you enter Indonesian soil and not when you get there. Tourists traveling to Bali must also have in their possession a passport that has a validity of a minimum of 6 months upon arrival in Indonesia. A return airline ticket to your country of origin is also required. Immigration officers will withhold entry to tourists that have incomplete travel documents.

When To Go
Bali can get really crowded during the peak of the tourist season. This is usually in the months of July and August. Tourists also come in troves to Bali during the Christmas and New Year season. Locals coming from the other areas in Indonesia often visit Bali during Indonesian national holidays since they have no work or school. Bali during the non-peak months of the tourist season can be very peaceful. The off-peak months are the best time to visit Bali since it is not overly crowded and most hotels and resorts there offer great discounts and promotional packages.

Getting Around Bali
Exploring Bali is not a problem for tourists because there are several modes of transportation available. Tourists can either get a rental car that they can drive themselves or hire one that comes with a chauffeur. There is also an abundance of taxis in the island but you must know that their taxis are not metered. You must always negotiate with the driver first about the fare before you hop on the taxi. Motorcycles for hire are also abundant in Bali but they are a bit dangerous to ride in. Bali also boasts of its unique transportation that they call Bemos.