Banish Bad Breath For Good


If you’ve suddenly discovered yourself on your own most Saturday nights and people keeping their distance when you reach over to greet them, perhaps it’s time you did a re-think on your oral hygiene status. That’s right – a malodorous mouth is one of the few very crucial hygiene issues affecting many adults, which are too embarrassing to talk about even among good friends.

All’s not lost, though; you can banish bad breath to enjoy a great social life – and also so that you raise your standard of grooming. Now, don’t rush out to buy the most heavily advertised toothpaste on TV just yet because learning to fight with bad breath begins with a simple self-examination: just lick the inside of your wrist when you feel your mouth’s not the freshest thing in the world and then sniff at it. If you kind of keel over, take it as a sign you suffer from bad breath (or Halitosis, in medical terms) and work to address the problem.

Sometimes bad breath can be caused due the food you’ve eaten e.g. onions and garlic or other similarly strong-smelling ingredients; at others, the stinky mouth syndrome could be due to forgetting to brush your teeth at night.

While profs at the New York College of Dentistry agree that no one wakes up with a sweet-smelling mouth first thing in the morning, it is indeed a matter of concern when constantly repugnant vapours overpower your sense of wakefulness and ruin your relationship with your sense of personal hygiene – not to mention, play havoc with your love life!

Besides the socially depressing scenario resulting from a problem of bad breath, the problems of gum disease and other medical conditions arising due to untreated oral hygiene issues are matters that need to be taken seriously. If there is bacteria coating your teeth and gum that is causing more than the occasional pong to your presence, a dental clinic visit will do you good! You may be advised to switch to a more healthy diet, take anti-plaque treatments and learn the proper way to clean your teeth and gums thoroughly so you don’t lose out on any more friends, date or teeth!

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