Avoid a stroke


The media and mothers alike have an uncanny knack of worrying over the latest health findings and being alarmists to a great extent, but as far more and more younger men – some even in their twenties – getting a stroke is concerned, this is a very true and frightening medical phenomenon that is occurring on a global scale.

Very few men are aware, though, of the causes of strokes and that one can avoid a stroke with just a few, simple lifestyle changes. We bring you some of these established medical health proven principles to slash your odds of suffering a stroke in this post, so stick around  – and smile a lot longer, too!

Just gym-ming is a great new way to pump iron to get fit and rid yourself of that fat, but the other reason to go with this regular exercise routine is because an extensive survey at Erasmus Medical Centre in the Netherlands conducted on 8000 men found out that those men who had high testosterone levels were less likely to suffer strokes.

What are you waiting for, then? Get out there – your backyard, the local park or neighborhood health club and boost your levels with lunges, squats and dead-lifts to get the best full-body work-outs and shake off the chances of a stroke!

Apart from regular gym-sessions, you can also include berries in your diet, especially cranberries, which the scientists at the University of Massachusetts recommend for protecting your gray cells as these contain flavanoids that cleanse the arteries. Just a 250ml glass of cranberry juice a day and you’ll be fighting fit for a longer time, minus the risk of a stroke; how much easier does it get than that??

Learning to relax and breathe easy and staying in loving relationship are the other top ways to avoid a stroke according to studies conducted by the University of California and Malmo University Hospital, respectively.

Now, get out there and practice these best ways to avoid a stroke and live your life king-size, man!

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