Attractions For Kids in Philadelphia

Attractions for Philadelphia

Philadelphia is suited both for kids and families. It is full of educational activities as well as entertainment.In this historic city a lot of things can be seen and done by children of all ages.

One of the museums that are quite educative for the children is Please Touch Museum; children in the age group of 1 to 7 are allowed to touch, feel, play and research on the various items displayed in the museum so as to facilitate them in learning and discovering new things. Some of the famous exhibits here are – Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, Barnyard Babies, etc.

In the museum at the Franklin Institute, children can spend time researching on science including the train factory where the children could get into a steam engine and explore or the Earth-orbit research station of the Space Command. There is a 79 feet screen where the Lion King Movie is screened and it is a must see. Kids can walk around the redesigned Philadelphia zoo or float on air in the Zoo Balloon.

In the Academy of Natural Sciences kids can dig for some fossil or dinosaur bone; they can also get into the time machine where they can stand with the tall dinosaur T. Rex.

Sports and Entertainment
“Ride the Ducks vehicle” i
s an impressive bus in which the kids can take a drive; this bus goes on a guided tour of the city; it goes through the historic city of Philadelphia and transforms itself into a cruise ship before it gets into the Delaware Lake.

For lunch, the children can be taken to the Spaghetti Warehouse for having nice pasta dishes or to the Engine 46 Steakhouse for meat dishes. They will enjoy the firefighting memorabilia displayed in the old firehouse that has been restored.

Kids can also watch fairytale classics such as Snow White in Philadelphia Children’s Theatre.

The Science Park at the First Union is not only a park but also a playground for learning; it has good attractive items like the sky bike where the children could fly at a higher level – 18 feet. It also has a traditional type of playground – Smith Memorial playground – on Reservoir Drive that is in 3rd Street.