Attractions And Things To Do For Couples In Arizona


There are a number of romantic places in Arizona which couples can enjoy. They can go to Central and Southern Arizona where it is arid or visit northern Arizona where the weather is cool.

The city Bisbee had rich deposits of gold, silver and copper and hence it was the largest city between St. Louis and San Francisco once. Mining activities have stopped long back and the town at present looks the same as it was in the 20th century. Couples can enjoy the museums and antique shops.

Southern Arizona
There are a large number of romantic destinations in Old Pueblo, Tucson. The couple can take up a hotel room and enjoy the Jacuzzi while drinking champagne and eating strawberries. Alternatively they could go to the spa in one of the resorts and indulge in epicurean pleasures. They can go and see the Madera Canyon, Sabino Canyon and the park Agua Caliente.

In the city Sonoita you will find a large number of award-winning wineries. The couple can taste wine and shop for Native American crafts and jewelry while traveling. They can also rent a bike or choose to fish in the lake Patagonia. They can hire cozy cabins, abbeys or guest ranches.

There are a number of romantic places in the Phoenix metropolitan area – the valley of the Sun. The climate in Phoenix is warm, making it a better location for spas as well as golf resorts. Couples can enjoy the Camelback Mountain sanctuary and Wyndham Buttes Resort. They can hike, shop around and see the places of culture.

Northern Arizona
This place is cool, lush and green. Couples can hire cabins in Lakeside and Pinetop where they can enjoy their vacations intimately without disturbance. They can hike in the forests or dine in any of the good eateries.

They can also visit the Grand Canyon Deer Farm in the town, Flagstaff and feed the deer or explore the White Mountains on a motorcycle. They can enjoy the spa in the Sedona Enchantment Resort and the narrated stargazing amenities.

It is possible for couples to romance in the desert, provided they choose to visit the right places.