Are you Lacking Testosterone


Oh, yes Testosterone! That all important predominantly male hormones that can make or break a man keeps making its presence (and also absence) known in the oddest of ways all around the world. In fact what would the world be without it? I fear to even imagine! Too much is a problem and too little is a greater problem. This hormone seems to have acquired a personality of its own.

Testosterone is produced in the testes of man. Women also have a bit of it too, but just a fraction of a fraction that we guys have. Testosterone is the hormone that is responsible for building mass and muscle in men. This is the reason why women cannot build their biceps without some “outside help”. We guys need a constant and definite supply of Testosterone if we want to keep looking like, sounding like and behaving like men. An obstruction in the production of Testosterone and we will begin to experience abnormal activities in the sexual regions of out anatomy and actually develop what is known as secondary sex characteristics – yes you got, it you begin to behave like ‘girls’. You will also begin to feel anxious – and not because of your altered behavior – your mind will also begin to feel confused and your sex drive will fall to an all time low. Then you will begin to start losing muscle mass and you will gain weight on your upper body – well yes, some of you could begin to grow those things too!

Now all this put together is called “Androgen Deficiency”. But don’t go away feeling like that guys there is hope you know. We call it Testosterone Replacement Therapy or TRT. TRT is known to reverse the affects of Testosterone deficiency and control it for a lifetime too. It is believed that 0.5% of males under the age of 60 suffer from Testosterone deficiency though this condition can occur at any age. While the levels of testosterone decline with age this condition does not set in early in 99.5% of men. Men over the age of 50 have known to have developed a condition called “Andropause” much akin to the female condition “Menopause”. But when this happened early in life it is a cause to worry – and go scooting over to the doctors.