Anti Aging Solutions


Some effective solutions for preventing skin looking aged and associated health problems like skin dullness, wrinkles and muscles sagging are outlined in this article.

If you treat your skin according to these guidelines and take precautionary measures to combat skin aging, you can rest assured about the best anti aging solutions!

The first important step towards anti-aging measures is to respect your body and treat it as a temple. That means no abusing it either by eating wrongly or leading an unhealthy lifestyle e.g. smoking, drinking, substance abuse or lack of exercise.

Also regulate your lifestyle by practicing self-control and following a balance between proper dieting and regular physical activity.

Go green with fresh veggies and seasonal fruit rich in anti-oxidants that nourish skin and act as a natural rejuvenation solution for skin aging.

Medical science has revealed that the complex found in vegetables can really help the brain cells from premature aging and about a decade ago, extensive research conducted by scientists discovered people who consumed their regular 5 servings of veggies every day in their daily diet suffered fewer mental slowdowns as they aged! This has been corroborated by researchers at the American Academy of Neurology. So, go green with leafy veggies e.g. kale, spinach and chard should reign supreme in your daily diet!

Similarly, fruit enriched with cell-nourishing antioxidants help reduce the effect of free radicals that are harmful for the skin’s development and hasten aging; they also help rejuvenate damaged skin cells and re-build the DNA structure affected by skin aging agents, like pollution, excessive cosmetic use that clogs skin pores and dulls it besides too much sun. Increasing our intake of Vitamin C enriched fruit will especially boost collagen production and reinforce blood capillaries, so go for it!

Also remember, daily workouts are a great way to stay young and fit as studies reveal “people who exercise on a regular basis have a more youthful cardiovascular system and greater energy.” So ensure daily workouts on treadmill, exercise bike or take a walk around your block at least thrice weekly to get those cardiac muscles pumping at ninety percent of their max heart rate (220 beats minus your age) for fifteen to sixty minutes.