Amazing Sex Positions

Amazing Sex Positions

Love making should not lose its charm; it will if you make it a routine chore. Use your imagination to pep up your love life. You and your partner can get creative and invent a whole lot of positions that will give you both a thrill. It would make both of you   want to have more of it, apart from tying more variations of such positions. When you hear your woman say that she would like a doggy position, if you don’t give her that, you will be looked down as a nincompoop. However, doggy position is something which is quite common these days. There are various amazing things you can do with your body and sex. You can make your sex lives exhilarating – all it requires is to be imaginative, that’s all.

1. Why not a lap dance position?  Haven’t we all enjoyed lap dancing, which is indeed a wonderful way of getting your women into mood? Women love to dance and look sexier while dancing. If you try a sexy lap-dance, accompanied with some good music, it will put you high up in the heaven, and when you finally reach the bed, an orgasmic bout awaits both of you.

Let me assure you that the lap-dance position is great for sex!  When the woman sits on your shaft, it is easy to touch her G-spot as you go inside her. You can also take off your hands to start fondling her Clitoris at the same time.

2. The good old position which is nicknamed as the missionary thing is less exciting for the woman. It wouldn’t stimulate her. Instead take her legs up and put them on the shoulders as you enter her, which will open her up more, and you will also be able to bombard the G-spot.

3. Here’s yet another great position:  You are assured of deeper penetration, with it. It is a variation of doggy position in which the woman kneels on a bed, as you enter her standing. You get real penetration and none of you is putting your weight on the other. Try this.

There are many other positions, if only you can let your imagination run wild. You can make a lot of variations and enjoy sex each night in a very different manner. Wishing you both Great lovemaking, indeed!