Alternatives to smoking


smoking Smoking is bad for health is the most common fact which everyone who smokes or not is aware of. The big challenge for the smoker is to find out the way through which he can get rid of the habit. way to stop smokingway to stop smoking

There are solutions available for the smokers to get rid of it but the difficulty is in choosing the best method which suits you. The number of packs consumed per day by the smoker can vary from person to person but if you want to live a healthy life, you will have to stop smoking surely.

Check all options available

Before selecting any of the products to quit smoking you should do a good market survey for all available options in order to select which suits you.

Nicotine replacement option

The two most common options available are nicotine related depending upon the intensity of smoking. The nicotine option is available in different doses starting from maximum to nothing.

The nicotine is available both in gum and patches form and also in different doses. The heavy smokers can quit smoking with the use of nicotine patches from a high dose to a low dose until there is no smoking left.


One of the other options is medication with the consultation of a doctor. One of such medication is the prescription of bupropion which is a replacement for nicotine. You can consult with your doctor and then doctor can tell you about all the available options which can help you stop smoking.

Other alternatives

Some other alternative treatments are also available in the market including hypnosis and herbal treatment. The hypnosis works only and only if the person hypnotized completely believes in it, otherwise it is worth nothing. It is the easiest way to stop smoking as it is drug free and most affordable with a life time warranty.

Now it depends upon you to choose one of the best options among all available options which suits your life style and the severity of the smoking habit. If you are a chain smoker, then you definitely require the use of nicotine available options starting from maximum to reducing it to nothing, which is getting rid of smoking.

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