Alison Goldfrapp Hot Or Not?


Alison Goldfrapp (born Alison Elizabeth Margaret Goldfrap on May 13, 1966, in Enfield, London) is an English singer-songwriter with the band Goldfrapp.

Goldfrapp was born in London and raised in Alton, Hampshire, the youngest of six children. At age 19, she moved to Belgium to work as a singer for a theatrical composer and on her return to England, attended Middlesex University’s School Of Art, where she studied Fine Art. It was at Middlesex that she was discovered by Orbital during a now infamous show in which she milked a cow while yodeling.After acquiring her degree from Middlesex, Goldfrapp toured internationally with British rapper Tricky, appearing on his album Maxinquaye. Her mainstream success began when she started collaborating with film composer Will Gregory under the name Goldfrapp.

Goldfrapp (with cropped peroxide blonde hair) made an early acting appearance in Your Night Tonight, the 1988 graduation film of colleague Paul Gilbert.